Multi-project, multi-customer, multi-site
Your customers likely have unique needs and requirments that require you to adjust. BigWave adjusts with you by grouping commericial accounts into "projects" enabling separate collections of work orders, custom fields, schedules, alerting, etc, for each customer you service.
Each customer site is tracked along with the full history of all work ever done at each customer location.
Collect data during site visits
Free your project teams from mundane data entry. Capture information and documentation during a site visit live in BigWave (works with all tablets and smartphones).
Mobile access
Use BigWave in the field with any smartphone or tablet (Apple, Android, etc). Collect customer signatures once the work is complete, and upload photos and documentation for the work done.
Advanced Resource Scheduling
BigWave not only enables scheduling of the site visit, but provides the capability to have multiple schedulable and assignable activities for each work order. View assignments at a global level GANTT styled view to see all activity happening across your entire organization.
Quoting / Invoicing
Create quotes and invoices directly from BigWave. Save time and accuracy with automated entry of invoice items. Realize multiple rate schedules for each customer (one day turnaround, standard, etc).
Track labor, materials, and "other" costs, and gain instant insight to your profitability.
Easily distribute technician documentation for site visits, and collect photographs and other documentation from the site visit.
Materials Database
Upload all materials and parts you would ever use with costing information for easy inclusion to your work orders.
Customer / Site Catalog
Leverage BigWave's CRM capabilities to store all customers, customer site locations, contacts, and work history.
Technician Catalog
Store all technicians whether W2 or 1099 employees. Store the services they provide along with costs associated with their services.
Import / export everywhere
BigWave never forces your team into mundane data entry. Any spreadsheet provided by your customers, internal team, and partners can be uploaded and imported.
Eliminate data entry by uploading schedules, custom field information, technicians, customer sites, and more.
Stay on top of the most important issues of the day with customized alerting. Track issues at a high level to understand any red flag items that need attention.
BigWave creates and sends customized reports out to your customers and team on a schedule you control.