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Getting started using BigWave’s fixed asset management software is simple. Our onboarding process is easy to complete and can be led by a single member of your team. We have seen companies have the most success in the onboarding process when they establish a “BigWave champion,” who is the team member that can dig in and learn the system and also be open to new ideas about how you can have the most success with the software.

After a kickoff webinar that lasts between 1-2 hours, you are ready to go. Pick a customer and run a one week service initiative. Afterwards, roll out the product to rest of your team and customer base.

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  • Does your organization track fixed physical assets in the field?
  • Does your organization use W2 or 1099 field technicians to maintain equipment/assets?
  • Would it be ideal if your organization could quote and invoice customers directly from operations software that contains all billable information needed?
  • Does your organization service other organization(s) having multiple locations or sites?
  • Does your organization require operations software that enables multiple task tracking for each work order/ticket?
  • Does your organization collect different sets of information for each of your different customers?
  • Does your organization have a central place for all operations data including scheduling, assignments, data from a site visit (pictures, documentation, custom field data, etc.), customers, and service tickets?

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