Today we are excited to announce two new alerts available in BigWave. Timer alerts tell BigWave to notify you when certain things become overdue. Two of these alerts are release with a 3rd coming soon.

  • Overdue Status
  • Overdue Timecard
  • Overdue Schedule Item (coming soon)

Let’s explore these first two in more detail.

When items become overdue, you can be emailed (just as before) or you can be “notified”. Notifications appear in the BigWave header. If you have zero notifications, it will look like this…

However, when new notifications occur, the icon will blink and the message changes to something like…

Click on this message to reveal a dialog that lists all notifications…

From here you can delete notifications, and new notifications always appear at the top of the list. Also, most of the legacy alert types can show as notifications or send as email (both forms are allowed).

Let’s see how these are set up.


Overdue Status Timer

The Overdue Status Timer instructs BigWave to monitor stale work orders in the project.

The picture below shows adding the Timer – Status Overdue alert.

  1. Shows the Timer – Status Overdue alert is chosen
  2. Status – this is the status that is monitored
  3. Must switch to – this is the status the work order must be in to stop the timer (or any status change)
  4. Within – a simple time string that expands to an amount of time
    1. Examples, entering…
      1. 5d = 5 days
      2. 5d, 10h = 5 days, 10 hours
      3. 30m = 30 minutes
    2. The most complex example you could have is…
      1. 5d, 10h, 30m = 5 days, 10 hours, 30 minutes
    3. When the field is empty there is help text next to the field to remind you of the format
  5. Notice each recipient can be either emailed, notified, or both.

That’s it. We hope you find this new feature helpful and powerful in managing your day to day work!

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