Field Service Software that Works for You

BigWave’s customizable field service software meets the unique needs of every project or job that you manage in these ways.

Multi-project, Multi-customer, Multi-site Tracking

Our web-based software adjusts to your clients’ unique needs by grouping commercial accounts into “projects,” enabling separate collections of work orders, custom fields, schedules, alerting, etc., for each customer you service. Each customer site and asset is tracked along with the full history of all work ever done for each asset.

Data and Documentation Collection

Enter important information and save valuable time. Capture information and documentation during a worksite visit on any tablet or smartphone.

BigWave gives you the ability to perform actions such as collecting customer signatures once work is complete, and upload photos and documentation for work done.

Advanced Resource Scheduling

BigWave’s field service software not only enables scheduling of site visits, but provides the capability to have multiple activities that can be scheduled and assigned for each work order.

View assignments through a global level calendar to see all activity happening across your organization.



More Features

Quotes and Invoice Creation

Save time and accuracy with automated entry of invoice items. Leverage multiple rate schedules per customer, track labor, materials and “other” costs to easily generate quotes and invoices and gain instant insight into your profitability.

Technician Catalog

Store all technicians whether W2 or 1099 employee and store the services they provide along with the costs associated for their services.

Import or Export Anything, Anywhere

Any spreadsheet provided by your customers, internal team and partners can be uploaded and imported.  Eliminate data entry by uploading schedules custom field information, technicians, customer sites and more.  Upload all materials and parts you would ever use with costing information for easy inclusion in your work orders.

Customized Alerts

Stay on top of the most important issues of the day with customized alerting. Track issues at a high level to understand any red flag items that need attention. Timer notifications inform when important deadlines are near due or missed.


Create a customized report, generate and send it to your customers and team on a schedule you control.

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