The Resource Management System That Doesn't Manage You

Do you have issues with your current asset management software? Are you keeping information in multiple spreadsheets?

Simple Yet Precise

BigWave’s Simple “out of the box” resource management system enables you to tailor and scale your services towards each customer. Your team will love it because it’s easy to understand and your clients with love the timely, accurate and personal service you are able to provide.

Flexibility and Cost Savings With Every Job

Don’t try to force your clients into a process that might not meet their needs and objectives. BigWave’s resource management system adjusts to you, saving your company costs of additional software programs and hiring more team members in order to meet the needs of different clients.

Easy Integration

BigWave easily integrates with your current software, no overhaul of your system is needed. Our resource management system is 100% white labeled to your company providing a professional and personalized appearance

BigWave is delivered as a web-based service to any browser with our 100% hosted solution, or you may install on premise depending on your needs.

Valuable Support and Training

We provide personalized support ensuring your team is successful using BigWave. Any questions you have, any training you need, we are here to help at a cost included with the initial purchase of software. Send us an email or call us and directly speak to someone who understands your business and the challenges you face.
Take advantage of our free online webinars and training. We can provide customized on-site training and build custom integrations to other systems you may have.

The BigWave One-Stop Solution for Fujitsu

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. targets markets in the retail and financial systems industries. Their solutions include Fujitsu products and various 3rd-party hardware, software and professional services including infrastructure management tools, Point-of-Sale hardware, software and wireless mobile devices.

As the prime contractor, Fujitsu is responsible for the on-time delivery and installation of highly complex solutions and, in some cases, is required to provide periodic cost vs. budget reports.

Learn How We Offered Fujitsu TXS a One Stop Solution

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