Do you manage fixed assets and field services? BigWave is built for you.

Web-based field service management software to track deployed assets and run service operations.

What is BigWave Software?

BigWave is a unique software solution that expertly tracks and services deployed fixed assets. BigWave combines asset management, field service management, project management and CRM features to create a unique solution for your operations. With the ability to work for multiple customers, this responsive, web-based system tracks, schedules and invoices saving you time and money. If you manage the ever-changing field service needs of a diverse customer base, BigWave is for you.


Define and track all assets in the field. View the complete history of all your assets over time.  Auto-schedule maintenance work for your assets.


Break each customer initiative into projects to enable custom definition of deliver processes, special fields, alerts, status, and more.


BigWave’s field service management software allows for multiple activities and assignments for each work order.


BigWave incorporates your costs and pricing to automatically create invoices for each work order.


Schedule customized reports sent to customers and internal staff.


Integrate to your accounting or other internal systems with our web-based API.

Why Use BigWave?

Do you need to schedule, track and document fixed assets and service tickets against those assets?  BigWave’s asset service management software is simple for any team member to understand and learn to use with minimal training.

With the ability to modify based on individual clients and projects requirements, BigWave singularly handles all your customer service management needs (including rollouts).

A Sampling of Our Applications

Below are a few of the many companies with service work tracked by BigWave.

BigWave catalogs and tracks maintenance to each light pole in Walmart parking lots as well as roofing transformer units.

BigWave’s rollout and technician management features track the installation of new point-of-sale registers in each North American store.  Post rollout, BigWave’s asset service management features track and service each point-of-sale register in each location.

BigWave catalogs and tracks maintenance of special cabinet fixture installations inside various stores.

BigWave As One Client’s

Software Solution

Around the world and in business since 2005 … over $250M of field services revenue transacts through BigWave each year. Below is one of the many clients with service work tracked by BigWave.


“Without BigWave, we would have had to add approximately 25% more staff in order to maintain the standards our customers have come to expect from us.”

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